Oman National Training Institute

Oman National Training Institute was established in 2009 and it is a national Omani institute in Muscat under the supervision of the Ministry of Manpower. Oman National Training Institute is a subsidiary of ONEIC. ONTI specializes in providing training and consulting solutions for the public and private sectors. It offers numerous courses in engineering, Project Management, Leadership, Human Resources, Administration, HSE, and Sales and Marketing. We believe in developing human resources and building effective human leadership in various fields as management, marketing, banking, communications, services and productivity through creating a remarkable and dynamic environment for communication between its multi-cultural experts and dedicated experience for customer service.

ONTI believes in offering the highest quality of training programs. It also provides the highest level of service and provides candidates from different International, Regional and Local Institutions the best training programs that meet their needs. We continue developing courses and training programs to match the current trends in all fields and also provides highly qualified professionals and academic lecturers.